Praying Together


We believe that God’s desire is to free men and women who feel marginalized because of their physical pain or limitaron.

Heal exists to help men and women experience freedom from their physical pain by facilitating Christ-centered community, communicating God’s heart for them, and equipping them to pursue wholeness. 

We currently host four retreats a year: one in January, April, July, and October.

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We believe that God heals people in the way that brings Him the most glory and in the way that draws us closest to Him.


We believe God's heart is to heal us physically, and that may be in this lifetime or it may be in the lifetime to come. 


We believe in miraculous healing, integrative healing (the use of medicine and science), and ultimate healing (in heaven). 


We believe in asking God for healing while being surrendered to how and when He chooses to heal. We believe while God cares about the state of our bodies, He is more concerned with our spiritual healing than our physical healing.


We believe physical pain is due to the fallen world sin created, though it can sometimes be due to contributing spiritual factors.


We do not believe in shaming people for their pain, but in giving them tools to walk in freedom through Christ, no matter what their healing looks like.

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The Heal Retreat is a ministry of Vying For Victory

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